About Us

Van E.S. koeriersdiensten B.V. is a well established company which is well known for its high quality services throughout the years.

With many years of experience we have the knowledge and experience of many destinations worldwide.

With an extensive fleet we can virtually meet any challenge. We can also offer transporting solutions for full truck loads. Through close collaboration with local companies, we can always provide a suitable solutionto everything.

Our employees are dedicated to offer you the best service at all times and they will do their utmost take away all your worries about transport.

Our main focus lies at service and quality. With a personal touch we will listen to your needs carefully. You can also call us for any question or command. You will never hear us say that you must send us an e-mail or to fill out a request form on our website . With us you get all the attention you need.

We find corporate social responsibility(CSR) very important. By using a modern fleet and proper driving technique of our drivers, we try to reduce environmental impact as much as possible.

Safety and safe working are our top priority. With regular training and courses, our employees are always up to date in terms of safety at work. Not only on the road but also during loading and unloading we are focused on working safely. For example, each driver has its own PPE’s (personal protective equipment) and wears it, where needed. Our management carry out checks on a regular basis to ensure this is 100%.

Over the years, we have formed our service package in a complete and varied range of services. Further on this website you can read which about our specializations.